About Scandalous Gems

Scandalous Gems is an adventure into the realm of custom made jewellery, designs that are a little naughty but oh so nice.

Our head designer is known as Miss Honey (aka MJ) who is an unabashed bon vivant, who has combined her hedonistic and her creative sides (some would say a lovely combination of black and white - her own style of grey) to create beautiful jewellery that is a true representation of Fetish & BDSM.

She is daring you to embrace your darker kinkier side with these naughty little creations.

Pieces have been inspired by her favourite funishment (the perfect combination of fun and punishment) toys.  Miss Honey is a strong advocate for SAFE, SANE AND CONSENSUAL play and is against any form of domestic violence taking time to educate those within and outside the alternative community as well.  

So whether you are after a unique handcrafted slave collar or that pieces of VERY intimate jewellery, Scandalous Gems is the place to come.